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For Pumpkin Junkies

We interrupt this series of posts about last Saturday’s adventures to bring you a post about a seasonal business closer to home (my home, that is), Pumpkin Junction at 2188 Graffenberg Rd.,  Sauquoit, NY.

I heard about Pumpkin Junction by seeing a flier on a bulletin board at my place of employment.  I was strolling the halls during my lunch break, talking to Steven on my cell phone.

“Hey, we should totally go to Pumpkin Junction,” I said.  “It’s on Graffenberg Road.”  I have become familiar with Graffenberg Road since my niece Dana purchased a house in Sauquoit.  I drive out it when I go to her house or join her and her family for church in Chadwicks (I had quite an adventure there once; perhaps your read my blog post about it).

Steven had the computer on and found Pumpkin Junction on Facebook.  Being great Halloween aficionados, we made plans to check it out.  It was a few nights later we made the drive. It was early evening on one of the last beautiful days we’ve had.  What a lovely drive out Higby Road to Graffenberg.  I love the views across farmland to the mountains. Steven nicely drove so I could look around and enjoy the fall colors.

The business is located at a family farm.  We drove up the driveway, parked near a cornfield, and walked over to check out pumpkins, gourds and squashes.  I’m not one to eat squash, but I kind of wished I was, looking at the variety available.  We were particularly fascinated by some that were shaped like snakes and some a beautiful two-toned green.

In the barn we found hundreds of Halloween decorations and accessories.  They ranged from the cute to the spooky to the downright gruesome.  I soon found a garland of rough twine and skeletons, then a bag of skulls.  I looked with envy at the full-size, posable skeleton but resisted the temptation.  For now.  Later on Steven found a Halloween mug he liked.  We have a few Halloween mugs, but I thought we could use at least one more.

We left with plans to return, because I’m sure we did not see everything.  Also, I would like to buy some gourds and miniature pumpkins for my Thanksgiving decorations.  And I’m sure there are friends and family members who would like to go with me.

Pumpkin Junction is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.  for more information, you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.



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