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What a Hot Dog!

One of our most satisfying stops on Saturday was at Jerry’s Place in Hartwick, NY.  For those of you just tuning in, this is the latest in a series of posts detailing the various adventures Cheryl, Penny and I had last Saturday in the vicinity of Richfield Springs.

Earlier in the day when we talked about lunch, Penny said we could always stop at [a fast food place which shall get no plug from me].  I was not enthused as that food tends to sit like a lump in my stomach until it become extra flab.  Just as I was becoming hungry enough to consider it, we saw Jerry’s Place. Yay!

It was past the usual lunch hour, but we still had to wait in line.  I suppose the other people were out adventuring too.  Everyone was polite and nobody tried to cut the line (I wanted to, but Cheryl wouldn’t let me).  While we waited we checked out the vintage lunch boxes that line the walls.  I always notice something I haven’t seen before.  I also like the model vintage cars on display.

I ordered a hot dog, which I have been wanting since I saw my parents have them the last time I was there.  What a hot dog!  It’s huge.  It’s tasty.  The bun is soft and fresh.  Not just my stomach thanked me; my whole body thanked me.  I enjoyed the homemade chips as well.  Penny got a hot dog too,and Cheryl had a bacon cheeseburger.  We all got water, thinking the delicious milk shakes would be too substantial.

One might argue that a hot dog and chips could contribute to my flab as I feared the fast food would.  I suppose that may be true. However, I assure you it did not sit like a lump in my stomach in the meantime. It was a great meal.  We felt properly fueled up to enjoy the rest of our adventures.

Jerry’s is located at 6635 State Hwy 28, Hartwick, NY, phone number 607-547-1037.  For more information you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.

NOTE!  After I hit Publish and went to share this on Jerry’s Place’s Facebook page, I saw that their last day of business for the year is Oct. 30.  Better hurry in!  I hope I can make it back there for one more hot dog.

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