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When’s That Cast Party?

This would probably be a good day for Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  It is closing performance of Roxy (can’t say closing night; it’s a matinee) (I’m not going to say again what Roxy is) (Oh, OK, it’s a play I’m in).  I have to pick up Steven at work at one to get to the theatre late, and I have a number of things I must get done first.  Naturally, I have spent some time looking at Facebook and reading blogs before starting anything.

However, for your entertainment today, I offer a food post about my contribution to the cast party (can’t say cooking; it is raw):  homemade salsa.

I thought of the salsa when I saw that I still had some Roma tomatoes in my refrigerator.  I had purchased them from a vendor at the Mohawk Garlic and Herb Festival in Little Falls last Saturday, and I knew them to be flavorful and fresh.  I asked Steven to purchase some fresh cilantro when he went grocery shopping, if available.  I was in luck.

I made the salsa yesterday, when I was waiting for Steven to get home for lunch.  First I minced some red onion I happened to have.  You know how big red onions can be.  This one has enhanced several salads and was almost gone.  I minced what was left and hoped it would be enough.  Then I chopped the tomatoes.  After chopping two finely I went with bigger chunks for the other four.  For one reason, I was getting tired of chopping. For another reason, I wanted chunky salsa and thought some bigger chunks would be nice.

The aroma of the cilantro was intoxicating.  I pulled leaves off stems and started chopping.  I don’t know if I got the pieces small enough but I did the best I could.  I sometimes make salsa in the blender or food processor, which ensures finely minced cilantro, but it also condenses the tomato considerably and I only had six tomatoes. Also, I really like the chunky stuff.

Steven had also purchased a jar of pickled jalapeños, so I chopped up a few of those.  I was careful not to add too many, because I didn’t want to make Steven’s bald spot sweat.  Next I squeezed in some fresh lemon juice.  I know, lime is more common, but I didn’t have any fresh limes.  I added some cumin and lemon pepper.  After some thought I found the salt-shaker/pepper-grinder and added a grind or two of pepper and a very little salt.

I stirred well and put the mixture in the fridge so the flavors could blend overnight. I figured if I had accidentally put in too many jalapeños, I could add a can of black beans and some corn.   This morning Steven and I tried it.  Yum!  No additions necessary.

Of course I hope my fellow cast-members enjoy the salsa.  However, if they do not, I can assure you it will not go to waste.  Now I must hit Publish and get on with the dozen or so chores I want to complete before taking the stage for our final performance.  I feel sure you hope I will break a leg, so thank you, and Happy Sunday, everyone.



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