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Roxalana Snapped?

Some people might think we have had  enough of All Roxy All The Time.  They could be right.  That doesn’t mean I can think of anything else to write about.  So I was sitting here with no idea what to write a blog post about when I thought I remembered a post titled “Roxalana Snapped.”  I thought, I’ll re-read that post and perhaps it will inspire me.  Imagine my surprise when I found it was only a draft.  Here it is:

Some time ago I wrote about going to hear James M. Greiner speak about his book, which I purchased that day, Last Woman Hanged: Roxalana Druse. Today, for Middle-aged Musing Monday, I thought I’d muse a little about the book.  (See?  It was even a Monday when I wrote the draft. It was fate that I should use it today!)

It’s a good topic for a Monday, because I like to spend a good portion of Sunday watching Snapped, a documentary show about women who kill. The victim is often the spouse. So I think of Last Woman Hanged as a kind of an historic Snapped.

Of course a book is usually classier than a cable television show. For one thing, few books include cheesy reenactments. Regular readers know I love cheese, but not all cheese is created equal. I love cheesy horror movies. Cheesy reenactments, not so much. I’m trying to picture what all they might have reenacted from Roxalana’s story if Snapped had been around in 1887.

It’s probably a silly thing to speculate about. In this century, everything probably would have played out quite differently.

And that is what I wrote on June 26, 2012.  Wow, that was a long time ago.  Could I have envisioned at that time that I would one day be on stage, doing a reenactment (I HOPE not a cheesy one!) of that very murder?  It boggles the mind.


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  1. Consider my mind boggled, Cynthia. Not cheesily.

  2. What if Roxy’s trying to talk to you? Or what if she’s not but you wrote a fantastic novel about it anyway.?

    • Ooh, there’s a thought, As a matter of fact, we may go looking for Roxy’s ghost. Another cast member is a paranormal expert; the site of her hanging is only a couple of blocks from my house. Someone suggested we find the exact time she was hanged and on that date go and see if we see anything. I said then we can go to my house for spirits of a different kind. Of course, I believe she was hanged early in the morning.


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