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Lame Actor’s Nightmare

We interrupt All Roxy All The Time to bring you Lame Post Friday.  I thought all week about beginning a blog post that way.  Is it the thrill I was hoping for?  Hard to say.  In any case, it is opening night, how can I not talk about Roxy ?

Dress rehearsal last night went pretty good.  Then I had a dream that it was dress rehearsal again and people were walking out.  In the dream, one of the walkers said, “I was sitting there being bored, when I thought, I can just go home.”  I guess this is my new actor’s nightmare.  Of course the traditional actor’s nightmare is about being on stage and not knowing anything about the play, but you know me.  I just have to be different.

In fact, I stopped having the traditional actor’s nightmare many years ago, when we had our company, Murder For Hire.  We did interactive murder mysteries.  A large portion of these mysteries was mingling with the audience.  There was also a question and answer period.  You get a lot of practice staying in character and thinking on your feet.  I loved it.  I soon found that I would still have the dream about being on stage in an unknown play, but it no longer bothered me.  In the dream, I would just start talking.

I have every expectation that tonight’s performance will go very well.  I have very little worry that anybody will walk out, although I suppose anything can happen.  I intend to break a leg, but not literally.  I’ll report back on Saturday.




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