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And Another Thing About That Play…

I thought of that headline yesterday.  Then I did not write a blog post yet today.

Tonight is dress rehearsal.  I don’t like the shoes I found for my character, but the rest of my costume is very nice.  We have two ladies working very hard to make everybody’s costume right. I think they are doing a marvelous job.

I’m sorry, I’m a little distracted right now.  I got mandated for overtime at work so am pressed for time.  I have about an hour to finish this, get in the shower, fix my hair, put in my contacts, get all my stuff together, and get to rehearsal.  I looked over my lines once today.  Perhaps twice would be better.  Oh dear.

On the brighter side, it is Non-Sequitur Thursday during All Roxy All The Time Week.  What could be better than a little disjointed babbling about the play?  Oh, I know, a lot of things could be better.  Only I did not write any of them earlier and I can’t seem to write them right now.

Our rehearsal last night went pretty good.  The dialogue in one of my scenes got messed up.  The other actor in the scene and I had not noticed, but the stage manager pointed it out to us.  After the scene we were both still a little puzzled about what went wrong.  Imagine my chagrin earlier today as I was looking over my lines and realized it was MY screw-up.  Everybody thinks I am so good at learning lines!  I’m mortified!

Then again, that is the excitement of live theatre.  Somebody might screw up.  It might be me.

Right now I must get in the shower. Otherwise, even if I do know all my lines, I still might stink up the stage.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


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  1. “Break a leg” and you will do a fine job. 🙂


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