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All Roxy But Mostly Tired

Are you ready for All Roxy All The Time?  Because we have three — that’s right, a mere THREE rehearsals before opening night on Friday.  How can I help but obsess?

For anybody just tuning in or for anybody who REALLY doesn’t pay attention when they read (like the way a lot of you listen when I talk) (you know who you are), Roxy is the play being presented by Herkimer County Historical Society at Ilion Little Theatre.  I’m in it, and I have written several blog posts about it.

Actually, I spent a good deal of my time at work today NOT thinking about Roxy.  I was instead thinking about how hot and uncomfortable I was.  Unofficial end of summer, my ass! (I used that as the first sentence of a blog post once; let’s just say I’m quoting myself.)  However, to kvetch about the weather is tiresome.  I am comfortable now and enjoying the sounds of a thunderstorm.

I spent my lunch time going over my lines again.  I pretty much know them, but it is a mistake to become complacent about these things.  My only fear is that the hot weather of the last few days as boiled, steamed and fried my brain to less than its normal level of usefulness (admittedly low).  For example, I’m looking back over this blog post and it reads to me a bit… disjointed.  I feel it is not as entertaining as one would like.

Then again, it is Tired Tuesday.  And since it was doing double duty as Monday (since I was one of the fortunate people who had a three day weekend),  I have even more reason to be tired.  I must hit publish and try to catch a second wind before rehearsal.  Tune in tomorrow, when Mohawk Valley Girl says, “I had hoped NOT to have Wuss-out Wednesday, BUT…”


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