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Fashion and Philosophy at Linda’s

One of my stops during my brief bout of ambition on Saturday was at Linda’s Consignment Shop in Herkimer, NY.   I thought I would use today’s post to give her a shout-out.

I love consignment shops in general, because you never know what you will find.  Saturday I was hoping to find shoes and handkerchiefs.  If you read my Scattered Saturday post you may remember that the shoes I had planned to wear for Roxy (that play I WILL keep mentioning) are no longer wearable.  I had not mentioned handkerchiefs, but my character carries one.  I have handkerchiefs of my own (so much better than tissues if you have a tendency to leave them in your pockets when doing laundry), but sometimes you can find the old fashioned ones with lace edges.

I found neither shoes not hankies at Linda’s, but the visit was enjoyable nonetheless.  Linda’s has a wide variety of items.  It was fun to browse.  I was fortunate, too, because Linda herself was behind the counter.  We chatted about all kinds of things, but I did take away two rather profound thoughts that I will share.

First, we must not wait for the proper occasion to wear our fabulous clothes but make our own occasions.  I already do this to a point, taking care with my ensemble whether going to rehearsal or to Crazy Otto’s to grab a bite.  I may take things a step further with gloves, hats and other accessories.

The other thought is we must love our bodies as they are.  I know this is not a new thought, but it does bear repeating.  Linda said it when I mentioned how I would buy some new things after I lost that last five pounds (or was it ten? I fluctuate).  She waxed eloquent about loving the body you are in, and I believe she is right.  I intend to continue striving towards my weight-loss goals, but I will concentrate more on the health aspect of the endeavor and less on the, “I’m such an ugly tub” side of it.

I did make one purchase, a very sweet hat.  It will come in handy next year, when I plan to participate in a St. Baldrick’s Day event and get my head shaved to raise money to fight cancer.  It was on sale.  Score!

Linda’s Consignment Shop has two locations, 152 Main St., Herkimer, and 27 Main St., Fort Plain, phone number 518-844-3051.  You can also find her on Facebook.



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  1. Consignment shops are such an adventure. I love the old shops in small towns where you can often find older vintage clothing that is so well made. One of my favorite pair of boots in college was a flat lace up black pair the elderly man who owned the shop said were the shoes girls used to wear for school. And a burgundy velvet girl’s dress with lace became a lovely tunic length vest without the sleeves. Much to my mother’s and older brother’s(scorn) distress, I did dress whimsically. Life is out there – don’t wait for it to happen…and always buy the lace edged handkerchiefs. Such icons

    • Yes! I love vintage clothing. I actually have a few old handkerchiefs I got from an antique shop when I was in another play, but I can’t find them! So true: don’t wait for life to happen! Thanks for commenting

  2. I have found some amazing items at Linda’s Consignment Store in Fort Plain, I always get compliments on the unique pieces I’ve gotten there. Plus she is an amazing person and her team are dears!!


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