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Cruise to Forehead to Halloween Movies

Oh, nobody thought I really wasn’t going to have Wrist to Forehead Sunday, did they?  In fact, my wrist is not on my forehead, even figuratively; I am having a delightful day.  The only thing to bring me down is the realization that I am not writing.  What kind of writer doesn’t write?  A BAD writer!

Well, there is no point in getting all down on myself.  The operative thing to do,of course, is to write.  It might be better if I rough drafted something on paper and then posted it, but I really would like to get back to the movie-watching, hanging-out-with-husband portion of the day as soon as possible.

Last night Steven and I attended the last Rock the Canal event sponsored by Erie Canal Cruises.  We took a one-hour attitude adjustment cruise followed by a free concert on the waterfront.  It was the first Erie Canal Cruise we took, although we have been meaning to take one for years.

The boat left at 5:30.  We had reservations so had to be there by five.  We whiled away the time before the 5:15 boarding by browsing the retail stores at Gems Along the Mohawk.  I pointed out a few things Steven could buy me.  I’m helpful that way.

The cruise was very enjoyable.   We saw the dredging operation and the Fort Herkimer Church.  The captain was knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor.  He did not narrate the whole time, which I liked.  I enjoy to stroll around, looking at the views from different parts of the boat.  We drank white wine and chatted with different people.  I like that too.

Back at the dock, we went into the Waterfront Grille for some food.  We sat at the bar and ordered appetizers, another favorite thing for us to do.  Then we went outside and listened to the band, Hot Roxx, for a while.  I danced up a storm.  Unfortunately I was about the only one doing so, although I made a spirited attempt to get others to join in.  I fear I have a distressing tendency to try to be the life of the party.  I like to think people were laughing with me not at me.

As you may guess, I am feeling pretty tired after my exertions.  However, Labor Day weekend in well known as the start of the Halloween season (at least at my house it is), so I am somehow mustering enough energy to watch some Halloween movies.  We began with Creature from the Black Lagoon and are continuing with Dracula (the one with Bela Lugosi, of course).

What I am saying is, it is by way of being a delightful weekend for me.  I have now written over 400 words.  I shall follow up with some commentary in the TV Journal.  Who says I’m a bad writer?  Oh yeah, I said that.  Well, never mind. Happy Sunday, everyone.


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  1. This sounds like a fantastic Saturday night, wish I were there to dance up a storm, too. 🙂


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