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In My Defense, Shut Up!

How’s that for a Non-Sequitur Thursday title?  I like it.

I did not write a blog post during breaks at work.  Before work I started a letter to a friend.  On breaks I worked on cryptogram puzzles. I love doing cryptogram puzzles.  I feel so clever when I solve them.  I may flatter myself, but I think the letter I was writing was witty and entertaining.  I probably used up all my wit and entertainment value for the day, so sorry about that.

Tonight is the only night this week when I do not have to be somewhere.  And the place I am most looking forward to being is… BED!  With my husband (and don’t anybody say TMI or I’ll get mad!).  One might think that on such a night I could come up with a better blog post, but I  don’t know why one who knew me might think that.

On an unrelated note (but how appropriate for the day) (see first sentence), I am SICK of seeing that commercial for the cookbook about stuff you can put in your crock pot.  That dumb lady saying, “This could take hours, but what if it only took FIVE MINUTES!”   In the first place, it’s five minutes plus eight to ten hours.  In the second place, why would I pay $10 for a book that tells me to put canned mushroom soup and dry onion soup mix in my crock pot?  I’ve been using those two ingredients FOR YEARS!!!

Anyways that puts me over 200 words.  As a final note, I will just tell you that at the end of my work day, I was singing a song that went, “Tomorrow is Friday, and they can’t make us work on Saturday, and we don’t have to work on Monday…”  Feel free to sing it yourself, making up your own tune and concluding stanza.  To anyone who works this weekend, sorry and thank you for your effort.  Whatever your work schedule, I wish you a Happy Thursday.


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  1. my husband hates that commercial…he said false advertising
    . he said the same thing…prepare it in 5 mins not cook it.


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