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Maybe I Can Act Like I’m Not Tired

I can’t, I positively canNOT have a Tired Tuesday post today.  For one reason, I simply cannot be tired.  Oh, physically I certainly can.  I had insomnia last night and worked a 10-hour day today.  I could, in fact, be forgiven for being tired.

However, my day is not over.  I have rehearsal for Roxy in about an hour.  I believe I warned regular readers (oh how I love having regular readers) that this blog may become All Roxy All The Time.  Well, opening night is one week from Friday.  It may be time for that to happen.

Tonight we will run the show.  That is, we will begin at the beginning and go straight through to the end, I hope without stopping.  Well, maybe a pause at intermission for a potty break.  Even Bette Davis took the occasional potty break.  Joan Crawford probably did too, but I doubt she admitted it.  But why am I referencing movie stars?  Shouldn’t I say Sarah Siddons or somebody?  Oh, I am tired.

In other theatre news, auditions were held for Lunch Hour, Ilion Little Theatre Club’s first official production of the 2015-16 season (Roxy is being presented by the Herkimer County Historical Society at Ilion Little Theatre, just to clarify).  Lunch Hour is a romantic comedy about cheating spouses and what the cheatees do about it.  It’s cute.  Not nearly as serious as Roxy, and a MUCH smaller cast.  I’m stage manager.  I wonder if I’ll soon be making blog posts about how I’m so tired but I have rehearsal for Lunch Hour.  Oh dear.

Well, sorry to spend another blog post whining about my ills.  Perhaps I have time to make a cup of instant coffee before rehearsal.  Instant coffee has less caffeine than brewed, so perhaps if I drink that it will revive me for rehearsal but not set me up for another bout of insomnia.  If not, you’ll probably hear about it tomorrow on Wuss-Out Wednesday.  Hope your week is going swell.


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  1. Oy. I feel your tiredness, Cynthia. That’s a lot of doing.

  2. You’re hilarious! My husband always complains that I’m tired even when there is “nothing going on”. I read recently that moms are hyper-vigilant and that’s why we are tired. Maybe your Roxy rehearsals and workday are making you hyper-vigilant! I’d try melatonin if you really can’t get to sleep. People say it works to turn your mind off to your troubles so that you can sleep.

    Personally I suggest moving to a place where there is a lot of rain. Those low pressure “storms” that move through and cause rain work a lot better than drugs or supplements.

    • Is there ever “nothing going on”? Actually, sometimes just work is enough to tire me out, so I may be extra wimpy. I don’t think I’m hyper-vigilant, but yesterday I was stressed. Today was better, and I slept pretty well last night (although not as long as I would have liked, because rehearsal ran late and I had to be to work early). Rehearsal again tonight! I hope I hold up!


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