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Toot My Horn Tuesday

So there I was on Facebook, stalling starting my blog post, because I am feeling tired and stupid, and I discovered that three years ago today, I posted the following:

I don’t always have to kill two birds with one stone.  I have plenty of stones, although I rarely throw them on account of living in a glass house.

I was rather pleased with that.  It was not my favorite thing I’ve ever said.  My favorite thing I’ve ever said is, “I said that?  I’m witty.”  Reflecting on this, I shared my post from three years ago, adding as a comment the remark about being witty.

It is sad but true (and I’m really not sad about it) that I like my own writing.  Sometimes I come across something I wrote a long time ago, and I read it and say, “Hey, this is pretty good.  Why didn’t I finish this one?”  I don’t always think I’m wonderful, of course.  Sometimes I think, “Well, that’s an embarrassing cliche”  or “That’s pretty self-indulgent” or even “What the hell was I thinking?”  But a lot of the time it’s more like, “Hey, that’s OK.”

What does that make this, Big Fat Ego Tuesday?  Blow My Own Horn Tuesday?  No, no Toot My Horn Tuesday.  That has a little bit of alliteration.  You know much I love alliteration.  At any rate, it makes a break from whining about how I just can’t write a decent blog post today.  I hope to see you on Wednesday, when I hope not to Wuss Out.


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