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Not Tired, Tasty

I just remembered that last Tuesday I noticed a rarely used category of Tasty Tuesday.  That was handy since I was sitting down to write about tonight’s supper.

Steven and I have rehearsal tonight for Roxy, the play we are in at Ilion Little Theatre (being presented by the Herkimer County Historical Society, in case anybody forgot or never knew).   One must have fuel to rehearse, of course, but one does not wish to be weighted down with too heavy a meal.  Additionally, while the temperatures have not been overly high today, the humidity has made things a little oppressive.

Luckily for me, Steven had a good idea.  Sunday I had made a yummy macaroni salad.  Today he went to the grocery store and purchased some deli meat and cheese.  His idea was to have not sandwiches but roll-ups.

The salad was one of my better efforts, if I do say so.  Medium shells, tomatoes, zucchini, red onion and radishes.  I only used mayonnaise for the dressing, but to add flavor I cut up some Horseradish and Garlic Pickles purchased at The Locavore in Frankfort, NY (just to add a little local, Mohawk Valley flair).  When I chopped up the tomatoes, I scraped all the seeds, juice and innards into the salad, so the whole thing is kind of pink.

I’m feeling exactly the right amount of full.  On to worrying about rehearsal!  I hope I know my lines.




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