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First the Sinus Infection, Now This

This will  be a fast, foolish post, posted merely because I couldn’t bear to have today be the day I don’t make a post.

It’s computer problems.  My desk top refuses to cooperate.  The power cord on my Acer has inexplicably stopped going into the hole properly.  I am getting power now by virtue of holding the device in my left hand, jamming the cord against my fat thigh, typing with my right hand.  I haven’t typed single-handedly in a long time.  I HATE IT!

It does add to the interest of the post.  It is taking longer to type, so I’m not saying as much.  It is an enforced slow motion.  I can’t feel it improves me.

In case anybody was wondering,  I’m still sickly.  I slept the morning away and am trying to hydrate.  I say this merely to give an update, not to complain.  Well, maybe to whine a little.  Don’t judge.

I hope to solve my cord problems and type with two hands tomorrow.  Happy Saturday, folks.



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  1. My left mouse button is stuck and keep sticking and it’s frustrating. I can see how the cord problem is just as frustrating. Maybe you just need a quick run to the store for another power cord.


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