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Tired from Having a Bad Attitude

So yesterday I was doing really well.  I wrote a real blog post AND I went running.  I thought, this is awesome, because I can write a running commentary for Tuesday’s post.

And then Tuesday happened.

Nothing really bad happened, but I got a really bad attitude nonetheless.  I did not get any writing done, because I was studying my lines for Roxy, the play I am in (which I believe I have mentioned before).  Full disclosure:  I also worked on a few cryptogram puzzles.  I thought it would make my mind more supple.  Did it work?  Well, who can tell how much MORE un-supple my mind would have been otherwise.  So difficult to have a control in these experiments.

So there I was, partway through my day and I knew it was Bad Attituesday.  A lot of other people at work had bad attitudes.  I didn’t worry about them and they didn’t worry about me.  Then I got home (an hour later than expected, by the way, but never mind THAT dull story) and tried to get all my stuff done before rehearsal.

Of course my most important chore of the evening was this blog post.  As I sat down to write it, my bad attitude had faded somewhat.   Unfortunately, it was not replaced by any notable ability to write anything decent.  I’m TIRED!  As I struggle to stay awake enough to write some semblance of a blog post, I worry how I will stay alert for rehearsal.  Oh, I’m afraid this is another Tired Tuesday.

Hey, I just realized something:  on Mondays I have either Middle-aged Musings Monday or Mental Meanderings Monday.  Tuesdays can be either Tired Tuesday or Bad Attituesday.  How clever I have become at thinking up things to write other than a regular blog post.  I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

Just as soon as I learn all my lines for that play.

News Flash! As I was adding the categories for this post, I noticed Tasty Tuesday.  I don’t remember having anything called Tasty Tuesday!  What a brilliant idea!  Next Tuesday I will be sure to eat something delicious, and that is what I will write about.


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  1. Yeah, I’m with you Cynthia. I Bit Tired Tuesday in Central New York. Yawn.


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