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Slack Sunday

The weather continues hot, I continue tired, and the blog posts continue foolish.

Welcome to Wrist to Forehead Sunday!

I suppose you all think I’m hungover from partying too heartily last night.  I’m actually mostly tired.  My head doesn’t hurt, my stomach’s not upset.  I just can’t seem to write.  This has been an ongoing problem with me, as I believe my foolish  blog posts have shown.

Earlier in the week, I had some glimmers of hope when  I wrote a whole other page on a post I could not complete previously.  I think it’s going to be a really good post.  If I can ever finish it.  I have a draft saved of a post I started to write week before last.  I tried to finish that one, too.  I couldn’t do it, because I can’t find a way to describe the restaurant it was about, and it just seemed wrong to write the post without it.  On Thursday, Steven and I went for dinner at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner.  Surely that should be a bloggable activity.  Yet, I felt I could not think of anything new to say about Crazy Otto’s.

Writing isn’t the only thing I have been slacking on.  I also have not been running.  Shall I blame the weather for that too?  No doubt it is a factor.  However, other people manage to run. I daresay I could too.

So here is my ambition:  I will write a real blog post tomorrow, and I will go running after work. One minor caveat:  if we finally get the thunderstorms they have been promising us, I will run in place on the mini-tramp.  I’m going to hit Publish on this and just put it out there.  This is Mohawk Valley Girl, turning over a new leaf.

But today I am still going to slack.

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  1. I think it’s so hot you are justified in leafing well enough alone, Cynthia. I wrote advance three posts today (two for tomorrow, one for Tuesday) and now I’m attempting to catch up with reading my favorite blogs (yours included). This all is happening on a Sunday because my vacation in Colorado put me very far behind, and our Central New York heat makes it so hard to put off the big push to get back at level.

  2. At least you wrote something even if it was to say you didn’t have anything 🙂 I was going to start working on a new post yesterday, too, but read a Nick Hornby novel instead. I always look at Mondays as little New Year’s….I make resolutions on Sunday night and see if I can stick to them for the week. Most of the time I don’t get past Monday afternoon. Just like New Year’s 🙂 Good luck to you!

    • I, too, have a hard time living up to what I say I am going to do. However, today I did write a “real” blog post and I did go running. Of course there are at least eight more things I ought to be doing that I’m not going to get to (I may write a blog post about that). On the other hand, reading novels is important too. Thanks for the comment!


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