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Lame Old Woman

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Lame Post Friday, the day I do a silly post and do not apologize for it (that’s my new description for today. I like it).

It really is a Friday for me, because I am not working Saturday.  Woohoo!  Overtime is nice, but I like time even better, if you see what I mean.  I didn’t even have any overtime today, which meant I could sleep in to a leisurely 5 a.m.  I felt like a new woman!

Now that it is after work, I am feeling like the same old woman as usual.   Well, these things happen, especially at my age (middle).  I do not despair of thinking of something to say.

I was going to mention that I have some Mohawk Valley adventures planned for tomorrow.  However, I am uncomfortably aware that I have not yet blogged about last weekend’s adventures, nor yet a few adventures I had prior to that.  I use the silly verb “blogged” instead of  “written,” because I have in fact written about some of them.  The paragraphs reside in my notebook (the paper, spiral-bound kind) (do they even still make a computer called a notebook?), awaiting further work.

Wait a minute, I did blog about one adventure.  OK, you pedantic sorts (and I know some of my friends are; hell, I’m something of a pedant myself), I wrote a blog post about it.  That was yesterday’s post about eating a hamburger at Jerry’s Place in Hartwick.  I wish I had another hamburger to eat tonight.  Oh well, one can’t have everything.

One virtue I insist upon for my silly posts is that they be brief.  This post is over 250 words. I call that respectable. Happy Friday, everyone.



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  1. I like the idea of a lame post once in awhile. I write too many long ones and know I get better lists of likes if I act silly or write silly. Smiles and thanks for liking my comment on Mark’s blog post. I use blogged and write/written and wrote the same way you mentioned today. 🙂

  2. I think there is a laptop called a Notebook, but I now use an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard, Cynthia, and at my age (also middle) maybe I’m remembering wrong. 😮


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