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Did Somebody Say Non-Sequitur Thursday?

OK, hands up, who’s going to the Ilion Days Craft Fair?

Full disclosure:  I have never fully taken advantage of Ilion Days, a celebration that lasts for over a week and includes village wide garage sales, the delightfully named Doo-Dah Parade, a Craft Fair, and more.  I’ve gone to the garage sales in years past.  This year’s were last weekend, when I was busy hydrating for the Boilermaker.

Further full disclosure:  I don’t know that much about the “and more.”  OK, I don’t know anything about “and more.”  I don’t even know much about the Craft Fair, but I’m going to be there.

I may have mentioned that I am a member of  Team Uncle Leo for Sitrin’s Stars and Strips Run/Walk to benefit veterans’ rehabilitation programs.   On Saturday, July 18 beginning at 10 a.m. at Ilion’s Central Plaza, Team Leo will have a table at the craft fair.  We plan to sell water, soda, chips, candy and baked goods.  We are also offering several desirable items in a raffle (including an afghan in camouflage colors made by me).

As it turns out, I may not personally be there at the crack of 10, because I may have to work, but somebody will be there.  I hope to be there at some point.

Right now, I’ve got to go finish my contribution to the baked goods portion of our table.  I’m a little disappointed that I shall once again miss the Doo-Dah Parade.

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  1. Sounds like fun! 🙂


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