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Running to the Theatre?

Amidst all my Boilermaker drama, I am still concerned about some more regular drama, that is, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre, Roxy.  This morning I went to help work on the set.  I am not particularly adept at construction-type things, but I thought I could make a contribution to the effort.  Also, I thought it might take my mind off  The Boilermaker for a short time.

I had gone for a short run this morning which included one not too intimidating hill.  Some people like to take the day before a big race entirely off, but my legs do better if I use them every day.  I had also taken a walk to the post office.  Now I had to hydrate.  I brought a large cup with Gator Ade and a bottle of water to the theatre with me.

The first job was to dismantle the last of the set from the previous play and to clean out the backstage area.  While the people who had brought the power tools began taking flats down, Suzanne and I began on the holy mess that was backstage.  Props, assorted hardware and garbage covered and surrounded at large table that had to be moved.  It was the sort of mess I could just stand and stare at making b-b-b-b sounds, but Suzanne is made of sterner stuff than that.  We started sorting.

I made a pile of props to be carried to the prop room, so as to make fewer trips up those steep, twisty stairs.

“Hey, this is mine!”  It was a compact I had used in the last play I was in.  I hadn’t even realized it was missing.  Cool!  I started carrying the other stuff up to the prop room.  Despite my piling, it took a few trips.  Soon I had to remark that I had not needed to run up that hill earlier.  Those muscles were getting enough exercise. After a while I said, “I don’t mean to sound like a diva athlete, but I’m not going up those stairs again.”

Suzanne and I decided we would return at a later date to sort and clean things properly.  When I told the director this, he said, “Ah yes, you’ll be doing that in… 2029.”

“I’m writing it on my calendar,” I said.

I was happy we had made some progress in getting the old set down and our set up.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more about Roxy as rehearsals progress.  As soon as I’m done writing about The Boilermaker (it’s tomorrow!).



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  1. Another play, oh, fantastic! I hope you have another great part, Cynthia, busy enough to find a body. 🙂


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