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I’m a Fool for Fuel

Three days till the Boilermaker!  I went to the grocery store this morning to get nutritious food to fuel myself up for the big day.

I got some fruit, which is an excellent source of hydration, and vegetables, because salad is just always a good idea. I also got some bananas.  Oh, I know, that comes under the heading of  “fruit,” but I thought I’d just mention how I thought I’d have one with peanut butter before leaving the house Boilermaker morning.

In the meat section I found a London broil to put in the crock pot on Friday.  A fellow at The Sneaker Store in New Hartford, NY, (where I go for my running shoes and for running advice) told me to have a steak dinner on Friday, pasta on Saturday.  I don’t know how to cook steak, but roast beef in the crock pot is easy enough.

I had had the notion to get some of the frozen, pre-cooked chicken strips, you know, boneless, skinless chicken breast, but I saw some boneless, skinless chicken thighs in the meat section.  To me, this is much better.  I like the taste better, it’s easier to cook without drying out, and it costs less.  And one package is good for five meals for me and Steve.

I had meant to write a post detailing the healthy dinner I’m cooking tonight (pasta salad and chicken with pesto), but after writing the above, I’m getting the Boilermaker butterflies again! Maybe All Boilermaker All The Time isn’t such a good idea. Maybe I should take my mind off it.  I may try that tomorrow, on Non-Sequitur Thursday.  Hope to see you then.



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  1. Best of luck on the race! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  2. SNL on the Run

    Good luck at your race!


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