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On Your Mark, Get Set, Get Nervous

It’s a Mental Meanderings Monday and let me tell you, today I am all over the map.  Not literally.  I did take a long walk that covered a bit of the map of Herkimer, but that’s neither here nor there. Or rather, that was here and there.  Oh dear, I am not making much sense today.

The fact is, the Boilermaker is a mere five days away and I am NERVOUS.  Here’s now nervous I am:  I just hit something and erased what I had just typed in.   As I tried to get it back, I thought, really, no big whoop, it was a dumb paragraph. I can write something better.  Then I got it back and thought, waste not, want not (a favorite saying of mine).

It’s just pre-race jitters, a perfectly normal phenomenon.  All I have to do is get to the race and start running and I’ll be fine.  Well, there’s one problem right there: I have to get to the race.   I keep telling myself:  it’s not a problem:  Steven will drop me off.   So why do I still feel nervous?  OK, try not to dwell on it.  Drink some water.

There’s another problem:  am I hydrated enough?  I keep drinking water, with an occasional break of Gator Ade or seltzer with lemon.   OK, I drank coffee this morning.  Two and a half cups.  I’m sure that’s too much.  And I probably should not have had that wine yesterday.  It is kind of a thing with me to enjoy a glass or two of white wine on a Sunday, but I suppose one ought to forgo these things a week before the Boilermaker.

Well, I can’t help the coffee and wine I already drank, can I?  I can’t help the sprints I didn’t run; it’s too late now.  As a matter of fact, I think I did train enough to run 15 Ks. My last few runs have felt really good.  Maybe not for the whole run, but for a good part of it.  Perhaps I could have run more and would feel even better now, but all things considered (you know, like being  middle-aged and having a life plus the changeable Mohawk Valley weather), I think I did OK.

So I guess this is my post for the day.  I’ve blathered on for almost 400 words about my foolish nerves.  I’d like to feel I’ve gotten it out of my system.  I have rehearsal tonight for Roxy, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.  Perhaps tomorrow I could take a day off from All Boilermaker All The Time and write about that.



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