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Led by a Nose to The Locavore

In a recent post, I mentioned stopping at The Locavore in Frankfort, NY, where I discovered some yummy horseradish and garlic pickles.  Naturally I introduced my husband, Steven, to the place at the earliest opportunity.  Today, in lieu of my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I shall give the establishment a brief shout-out.

The small retail store is located at 159 E. Main St. in Frankfort.  Steven and I easily found a parking space and walked in to enjoy a marvelous aroma.

“It smells like a co-op,” I said, unable to pinpoint exactly what I was smelling but liking it quite a bit.

One reason for the olfactory delight was the Sallye Ander Soaps.  We also noticed items from the Lake George Olive Oil Company and the Saucey Sauce Co.,  a Brooklyn company.  Saratoga Crackers we have seen and eaten before, but Stony Brook Whole Hearted Foods is a brand I must try.  I was pleased to see  Finster Honey from Frankfort, NY, and interested to see grass fed beef and bison.

After having a lovely conversation with Jimmy, the proprietor, I suggested we get a cup of coffee and sit at the table in front of the store to drink it.  There are also a couple of tables inside the store.  The coffee is made from their house beans,which are also available for sale.

“If you like the coffee, we can get some beans,” I said to Steven.  “You can use your coffee grinder.”  Many years ago some friends gave Steven a coffee grinder, but we rarely have occasion to use it.  Jimmy told us he could also grind the coffee for us.  That will be handy if we purchase any beans as gifts for our coffee-loving friends.

Steven got regular coffee (quite delicious since made with their own house beans), but I thought I should get something more distinctive.  After hesitating between iced and hot, I chose Locamocha,  coffee with dark chocolate.  I got it black, without sugar, which is how I usually take my coffee.   Ooh, was it ever good.

I think I have a new favorite store.  My only problem is that I can’t afford to purchase everything in their inventory at once.

For more information about The Locavore you can call 315-895-0325 or you can Like them on Facebook.  They are on Twitter too, but I don’t know from all these social media  things.



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