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Running with a Full Deck?

Today I am going to do a real Running Commentary.  The Boilermaker is only a week and three days away (counting today which, since I already ran is kind of already past) (let’s say nine more chances to run before the Boilermaker.  Only nine?  Yikes!).

I took yesterday off from running.  There were thunderstorms, so running outside was not a good idea.  I thought maybe a bout on the mini-tramp, but, oh well, never got around to it.  This morning I was happy to see that it was not raining.  Steven had to be up at five.  I got up, into running clothes and set out.

I had it in my head to not run any hills.  A good fairly flat run at an early hour for me is to run to the Erie Canal Trail, follow the trail to the South Washington Bridge, then go home from there, directly or not as the spirit moves me.  Being July 2  (I started to type “June” silly me), the sun was up, although it was cloudy.  Very pleasant running conditions, I thought.

I  soon found it was also humid, but the occasional breeze relieved that.  I could rock this.  The other day on Facebook, I posted that my runs go like this: This sucks, what am I thinking?  This sucks marginally less.  This doesn’t suck.  This is all right.  I can rock this. Yes, I needed this.  This is AWESOME!  I LOVE to run!  I can run for DAYS!  The cycle repeats itself on longer runs.

Thinking about it now, I see that I sometimes skip steps.  For example, this morning I started out with “this is all right” and quickly moved to “I can rock this.”  I pretty much went back and forth between those stages. Note to self:  apparently one day off is OK, don’t make it more.  In fact, I may not take any more days off between now and the Boilermaker.  We’ll see.

As I ran down Mohawk Street towards the Canal Trail, I saw some artificial flowers in the road.   I supposed somebody had dropped them.  They looked pristine but would no doubt soon be run over and wrecked.   What a waste!  I could use those flowers!  A big old truck was  approaching on the opposite side of the street.  Oh, he wouldn’t hit me.  I sprinted out and grabbed the flowers.

It was a red, white and blue bunch from one of the dollar stores.  The price tag was still on it.  I wondered if I looked silly running along carrying a patriotic bouquet.  Perhaps I merely looked, you know, patriotic.  At least it didn’t weigh very much.

Soon I was on the canal trail.  Nice.  I liked looking at the canal.  It was still.  In California I sometimes ran on a path near the ocean.  I could see water crashing against the rocks.  I had the fanciful thought that the water was releasing energy that would magically travel through the air and energize me.  Do I hear unkind laughter?  Perhaps I should not share my fanciful thoughts, although this one did help me run in California.  Now I looked at the calm canal and realized no energy would be forthcoming.  I thought perhaps the peacefulness could sooth my mind.  A calm mind can help you run.

My run lasted for 52 minutes.  I like that number, because it means I am  playing with a full deck (cue jokes about other indications that I am not).  My legs felt pretty good, my lungs were fine, my feet weren’t too bad.  My knees were twinging a little and had been for a good portion of the run.  I must, I positively must lose weight. Perhaps I should write a blog post about that.  If only typing burned more calories.



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  1. You will ROCK the boilermaker !


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