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One Day, Two Libraries, What’s Not to Like?

Oh dear, does that headline read like I’m soliciting “Likes” for this post?  Naturally, I hope people like my blog, but I try not to be too needy.   Not to look too needy anyways.  Never mind, let’s get on with the post.

All I really want to do on my vacation is sit on my butt, perhaps in front of the TV and knit, perhaps on the deck with a notebook and write, perhaps just about anywhere with a glass of wine.  Wait a minute, that is how I feel most of the time.  I do enjoy to sit on my fat butt.  Nonetheless, I also like to get out sometimes.

I had a few errands to run today but no real plan as to what order to do them in or even if I would get to them all.  However, I set out this morning with a notebook and high hopes.  I made it to the bank for deposit and withdrawal. I even used the automated kiosk, which is quite the accomplishment for technologically challenged me.

I went to two different places looking for a poster board.  I volunteered to make the price list for a fund-raising concession Team Uncle Leo is doing three different times.  This is for Sitrin Stars and Strips Run and Walk, which benefits veteran rehabilitation programs.  Just thought I’d give them another plug.  In this I was unsuccessful, but I have time.

Ho hum, now what?  Basloe Library in Herkimer, always a good choice.  I wanted to find a book on paper flower making.  My character in Roxy, the play I’m in, made paper flowers while she was in jail.  This is not actually shown on stage, but I thought it  might be a good character thing to do backstage, in addition to giving me a new crafting skill to use while I’m sitting on my butt watching television.  Instead I found three other books that looked interesting.  Then I sat down (yes, on my fat butt) and worked on a letter to a friend.

Then I went home and took care of a few other things, including working on my lines for that play I mentioned.  I have a rehearsal on Thursday.  For anyone just tuning in, Roxy tells the story of Roxalana Druse, the last woman hanged in Herkimer County.  It was written by a local author and is being presented by Herkimer County Historical  Society and Ilion Little Theatre.

This afternoon I went to Frankfort, NY, to follow up on some fundraising for Team Uncle Leo.  I had to return to Big Willy’s Pizzeria.  I wished I had not already planned supper, because things smelled really good at  Big Willy’s.  Maybe I could hold the pork chops and macaroni salad for tomorrow.

After Big Willy’s, I realized I did not have any more plans.  Now what?  Providentially, a FedEx truck was blocking the way in front of Melrose Market, so I turned right on the street that leads to Frankfort Free Library.  Naturally I had my notebook with me.  I finished my letter to my friend.

As I wrote, I thought, stopping at two different libraries in one day is not a usual thing for a person to do.  How fortunate for me that I live in an area with several libraries so handily located.  I sadly refrained from looking for more books at the second library.  I only have so much time to read, after all.

So this is my Wuss-out Wednesday post.  I accomplished a few things, at any rate.  Do you suppose I’m justified in sitting on my butt now?


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  1. I love reading your blogs.


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