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Shockingly Lame

I already used the title “Better Lame than Never,”  back in2011.  That is too bad, because it is almost 9 p.m. and I have not yet made my blog post for today.  It shall be lame.  It shall be late.  Shall I not make a blog post?  NEVER!

My husband and I are sitting on our deck.  Steven is attempting to turn on our party lights by plugging them in.  This is problematic, because the plug has a  cover that does not open all the way.  I understand that it is good to have a cover for outdoor lights.  There are things like rain and snow outdoors, after all.  But why put a cover on it that does not open all the way?  For heavens’ sake, just put a full hinge on it!

I feel  I must exercise caution in this, because of a thing that happened to me many years ago.  I was in junior high.  My family had a pop-up camper that my dad kept set up in the backyard most of the summer.  My sisters and I used it for sleepovers.  On this particular night, my friend Iris and I were sleeping there.

To turn on the lights, you had to plug them in.  It was quite dark by the time Iris and I made our way to the camper.  I found the cord.  I found where to plug it in.  I guided it carefully with one finger…

I screamed very loudly.

I recall having no control but being forced to make a very loud scream. I got  the light plugged in and learned a valuable lesson about completing a circuit.

Tonight, Steven got the string on party lights turned on with no physical pain other than whatever was occasioned by crouching down for an annoying length of time.

And that is the advantage of middle age over adolescence.



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