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A Walk Without a Dog

This evening Steven and I took our first walk together since we lost our beloved schnoodle, Tabby.  I love to take walks.  I took many walks before I ever got a dog and knew I would take walks after I lost her.  In fact I have taken cool-down walks after runs and walked to the Historic Four Corners for historical adventure purposes on Saturday (I’ll write a blog post about that later).  This was the first walk Steven and I have taken together.

I had two letters to mail, so we walked to the post office.  It was a lovely evening for a walk. The temperature was a little warm for me, but it was comfortable in the shade and an occasional breeze cooled us off.  It felt good to my legs to walk.

One does make better time without a cute little dog stopping to sniff every few feet (yes, I know, a big, handsome dog would have the same effect) (did you think I was going to say “big ugly dog”?).  We were soon at the post office.  Mission accomplished. We crossed the street to the shady side and headed up Main Street.

A fence blocked off where Glory Days used to stand. The building had started to collapse over the winter, and the village finally took it all the way down last week.  It was the former Waverly Hotel, a site of some historical interest in the village.  For example, the jurors in the Roxalana Druse trial stayed there.  That trial, along with the murder it concerned, is the subject of a play to be presented by the Herkimer County Historical Society at Ilion Little Theatre (just thought I’d throw that in there).

We continued  on up Main Street, admiring houses and  the flowers in front of them.  I pointed out to Steven where the Historical Society is doing another archeological dig (more about that later, too).  We saw an old building that looked historical for sale. I told Steven to be sure to buy a lottery ticket.  If we won several million dollars we could buy it.

It was a pleasant if uneventful walk.  I was happy to exercise my legs, since I did not run today.  It would be a good idea to go running tomorrow.  After all, it is almost time for this blog to go All Boilermaker All The Time.



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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your walk. Sorry about your doggie…


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