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And in Theatre News…

There is good news for local theatre goers.  My husband, the handsome, talented Steven, may be returning to the Ilion Little Theatre stage.

Perhaps my elation is premature.  After all, the cast list has not been announced, and there are two more days of auditions.  Still, chances are good that Steven will get a part.

My own public (and by “public,” of course I mean my parents) (Hi, Mom and Dad!) may be pleased to know that I auditioned as well. My hopes for myself are not as high.  There are not as many female parts, and competition is stiff.  There are some highly talented female actors in this area.  However, I don’t need a part in order to take part, if you see what I mean.  There are sets, costumes, and props to worry about. I’m sure the director will find something for me to do.

The play is actually being presented  by the Herkimer  County Historical Society, and it is a drama of great local, historical interest.  Roxy tells the story of Roxalana Druse, who murdered her husband in1885 in the Town of Warren.  She was tried in the  Herkimer County Courthouse.  She was incarcerated and subsequently executed in the 1834 Jail.  Both structures still stand on Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners.  I know a bit about Roxalana Druse from visiting the 1834 Jail and from reading the book Last Woman Hanged: Roxalana Druse by James M. Greiner.

The play Roxy was written by local author Jack Sherman and will be directed by ILT veteran David Stritmater.  Production dates are Sept. 11 to 13 and 18 to 20.  I expect to write more blog posts about it. Perhaps by September this blog will become All Roxy All The Time.



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  1. woahh u sound all professional and cool! I long to have something cool to do myself :p and maybe someday…. i will too

    • Wow, thanks. It is only community theatre, but we strive to behave in a professional fashion while still having fun. And I’m sure you do many cool things. Writing a blog, for example. I think everyone on WordPress can agree that bloggers are cool.

      • Community theatre or not, its awesome to be able to be that confident! To be able to be someone else and enchant your audience that way… Its COOL!
        Yeah I do many cool things like sleeping and eating. It’s a speciality with me 😉 lol but yeah being able to blog is something really cool too, since it takes maintaining and actual effort. But it’s fun too since you get to meet new people and know more about them ^_^

      • It is fun to be on stage. I do have a lot of confidence when I’m acting. At other times… not so much. But one must drive on. You are so right, blogging is a lot of fun, especially when we get to commenting back and forth on each other’s blogs.

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