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I’ll Never Say No Comment

I had thought to have a Running Commentary today.  After all, I have not done one in a while.  I’m sure some readers will be interested to hear how my Boilermaker training is progressing.  Other readers may enjoy my observations of the village of Herkimer.   Still others may enjoy the smug feeling that they ran further and did not have as hard a time of it.


It poured rain this morning, then cleared up around lunch time.  Perhaps I could run outdoors.  A line of thunderstorms came through after lunch.  I knew I wouldn’t run in a thunderstorm, but thunderstorms never last that long.  Then I started thinking:  the rain may stop but there will still be lots of puddles.  My new running shoes are pretty.  I KNOW they will eventually get all dirty and faded, but I just can’t bear for it to be the second time I wear them.


Additionally, my back and my knees have been bothering me.  I know, I know,  if I lose weight that will help.  OK already!  I’ll eat more vegetables!  Running can help one lose weight as well.  I had no intention of skipping my run.  Maybe wear my old sneakers?


I decided to run indoors on the mini-tramp.  I could finish watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the silent movie on DVD I had started to watch last week when I ran in place on the mini tramp.  It would be easier on the back and knees.  And it would still count as exercise.


The only problem is, I don’t think it makes for as good a commentary.  On the other hand, I’m over 250 words just talking about my dithery thoughts getting to the run.  I think we’ll call that OK for a Tired Tuesday.


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