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When I left work today I headed towards Herkimer County Humane Society.  I had a partial bag of dog food and three partial containers of treats that I hoped would go to good use.  Last night I visited the society’s website and ascertained that they were open till five.


The first person I ran into when I entered asked if she could help me.  I explained my sad purpose.  She expressed sympathy for my poor dog’s demise and said they would be happy to take the food.  I explained my second purpose, to walk a dog.  She took me into the reception room and got me a volunteer application to fill out.


When I turned in the form to another lady, my fears were confirmed.  I could not walk a dog that day.  The application must be approved by the board.  She also explained that when walking the dogs I must not let them interact with any other dogs or people, for safety reasons.


“But I can’t walk a dog today?” I said, probably sounding as forlorn as I felt.  The lady took pity on me and said I could take Snort out, just into the front yard.


Snort is a bulldog who had breaks in his back legs.  He was operated on and seems to be recovering nicely.  He had not been outside today, and my taking him out would give them a chance to clean his room.


Snort did not look like a dog recovering from surgery.  He wanted to jump and run.  I tried to get him to walk sedately.  At least I kept him from jumping or really taking off.  We made our way across the yard and back.  Some people saw us and said, “Oh, there’s Snort!”


“I’m not supposed to let him get close to people,” I said, keeping my distance.  Snort sat down on my feet and panted happily.  I petted him and told him he was a good dog.


“We’ve been following his progress on Facebook,”  one of the people told me.


I was happy to have spent a little time with Snort.  When I got home I told Steven of my experiences.


“Oh, yeah, I know Snort from Facebook,” Steven said.  Perhaps I need to spend more time on Facebook.


When I get my letter of approval from the Humane Society, I will go walk more dogs.


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  1. bummer,bummer,bummer.I was enjoying your tales of Tabby.(Still reading 2011)May you remember the good times and all your happy days together.She sounds so excellent.Snort sounds like he appreciated and needed your visit.Take care.With deepest sympathy and love

    • Thank you. Tabby was just the most wonderful dog I could have asked for. I just keep reminding myself how happy I was to have her. Snort was (is) a cutie. I hope to walk more dogs when they approve me. It should be good for a blog post or two.

  2. Oh, no! I hope you gain some comfort with the good memories of Tabby. Losing a furbaby is never easy. I wish I had the magic words to make it all better.

    So glad your visit with Snort went well and that you have a chance to volunteer more.

    • Thank you. I guess the loss of my dear Tabby is not something I get over but something I have to get used to. I am grateful that I had her and for the memories. I think volunteering will be good therapy for me. If not, at least it will do the Humane Society some good.


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