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A Very Sad Day for Me

There will not be a post today, nor yet any witty commentary on why there will not be one.  Our beloved schnoodle, our dear, sweet Tabby is no more.  She began to seem really ill Monday night.  Today (Wednesday), Steven took her to the vet where they discovered cancer.  There was nothing they could do.


I am, as you may guess, unbearably sad right now.  I knew dogs don’t last as long as people, but I had thought ours would last longer than she did.  Seven wonderful years we had with her.  We will always be happy and grateful for those years.


I hope to return to regular blog posts tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.



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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Tabby… she sounded like such a lovely dog. 😦
    My thoughts are with you and Steven. x

  2. I am so very sorry, Cynthia. RIP to beloved Tabby. Hang in there, you and Steven. Sad for you in Syracuse.

  3. It’s never easy losing a good friend. My condolences.


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