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Just Another Scattered Saturday

I pause in chopping vegetables to make a fast blog post (I just made a typo of calling it a blot post.  As my friend Rachel likes to say, my  Freudian slip is showing).  Mostly this will be a post about things I could write a post about but am not (but may in the future).


This week I ignored my note to myself about not taking three days off running and reaped my just deserts  (as in what I deserve, not strawberry shortcake, worse luck) on Friday.  I ran again this morning (Saturday).  I took mental notes each time and Saturday even ran a course I have not run in over a year.


Later this morning I went to the Baptist Church in Herkimer, NY for Coffee and Conversation with a Cop.  They hold that every month but I have missed the last few months for one reason and another.  I had a nice time and got a few answers that will help with the novel that I WILL finish, though probably not in May as previously advertised.


Leaving the Conversation in progress (they were doing fine without me), I went to the Herkimer County Humane Society Garage Sale.  Fun and productive.  Driving back into Herkimer, I made stops at T&J’s Fruits & Vegetables and Hannaford.


Coming home, I cleaned frantically.  I don’t often do cleaning posts, but one never knows what will come off the pen (and out of the keyboard) of Mohawk Valley Girl.


Now I must go back to chopping vegetables, among other chores.  I hope all readers are having an excellent Saturday.


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  1. Do the Veggie Chop on the Blot Post. Happy Saturday, Cynthia.


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