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Not the Least Bit Like a Gazelle

There was a moment at work today when I WANTED to run.  My legs just asked to start moving.  Walking would not do.  Stretching would not help.  I wanted to run.  I had no doubt that if I could have gone out the door and started moving, I would have loped along like a gazelle.  Of course I was at work and able to do no such thing, so my theory remained untested.


I knew, even at the time, that I would not feel like running by the time I got home.  For one reason, my husband would be home and I like to spend time with my husband.  Well, maybe it would be raining.  Then I could run on the mini-tramp and chat with him while I did.  It stopped raining. I called and left a message on the answering machine, asking that coffee be available when I arrived.  Maybe that would help.


As I left work, the cooler temperature and breeze seemed good running weather.  I felt it would be wicked to waste it.  Steven had a fresh pot of coffee waiting.  A cup of coffee before running is often helpful. I’ve read that the caffeine helps you burn more calories.  I talked myself back into running as I sipped.


One thing was in my favor, if I really wanted to wimp out.  It looked as if it was going to rain again.  I could run till it started to rain too hard or until I heard thunder.  Some hard-ass might expect me to run in the pouring rain (and be disappointed), but nobody reasonable thinks you should run in lightning.


When I got started, I found that my pace was a good deal less gazelle-like than it had been in my head at work.  It was slower and a lot more jouncy (well, will you look at that? My computer seems to think jouncy is a word).  Well, I did not need to run for a long time and I certainly did not need to run any faster.  I just needed to keep going… for a while.


I decided it would be OK to not run any hills.  I intend to run at least two more times this week.  One or both of those runs could feature hills.  The purpose of this run was just to not have three days in a row of not running (as I wrote in a note to myself as part of an earlier blog post).


Up German Street I went.  I say “up” because there is a small upgrade.  It is more pronounced on the other side of the street, but I did not see an opportunity amidst late afternoon Herkimer traffic to cross the street.  I got all the way to the end of German and hooked around to go back Church Street.  I did not want to get too far from home, in case of rain.  The clouds did not look particularly threatening at that time, but as Fats Waller said, one never knows, do one?


I encountered a few cars at 4-way stops who nicely waved me on.  I yelled, “Thank you,” which I hope they heard through their open windows.  How far should I go?  To Main Street?  There were often people on Main Street.  I was feeling self-conscious.  Maybe cross Main Street?  At Prospect, I decided if I saw cars I would not cross but turn and run south.  That would bring me near Meyers Park, one of my favorite places to run through.  There was traffic.  I like it when fate decides my runs.


Before reaching Park Avenue, which of course leads to the park, I came to the last block of Bellinger Avenue, which is a one way street.  I like to enter at the “Do Not Enter” sign.  I’m that way.  I decided to run down Bellinger Avenue, then around the perimeter of the park, then maybe through the park, back to Park Avenue and all the way to the other end of that.


I should perhaps mention that this whole time my body felt SO TIRED!  My feet hurt.  My knees hurt.  My lungs simply did not feel like breathing (obviously they did breathe, since I am not dead).  Oh, whatever would I do?  What I really wanted to do was run to the park then home by the quickest route.  Maybe not even as far as the park.  I made the longer plan because I really thought it would be a good idea if I ran further.


As I ran in the park, I noticed the clouds moving away and blue sky above.  As I left the park the sun was out, dark clouds to the side but moving away.  I always like the bright sunlight against the dark clouds.  I started down Park Avenue.


I ended up running 34 minutes.  As usual I felt terrific as I walked my cool-down with Tabby.  It may, perhaps, have been better for my Boilermaker ambitions if I had run further and included hills.  For my weight-loss goals, I think this was pretty good.  For blog post purposes, I shall let you, my dear reader, decide.



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  1. Blog post, great. Personal goals, great. Boilermaker, good. Finish your novel month, fair. 😉


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