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Salsa Dancing Next?

This time I went two days without running instead of three.   Oh, go ahead and judge.  Shake your head or your finger at me.  Better yet, shake a pair of maracas, let’s salsa dance (pause while I get up from the computer and do a little dance)  (I didn’t really do a little dance; I got my dictionary to look up how to spell maracas).


I got out of bed this morning and straight into my running clothes and outside.  It was prior to 6 a.m. but the sun was already up.  The temperature was just right.  How pleasant it is to run without my hands getting numb.  I worked up a sweat as I went along, but that’s OK too.  For one reason, it is nice to sweat for exertion and not because your place of employment is too damn hot (I said “too damn hot” to quote Cole Porter).


I had made up my mind to not run any hills and possibly do a shorter run, because Steven has the day off.  My beloved husband, in case you did not know, works retail hours.  This is only his second Saturday off all year.  It is kind of a big deal to me to have a day off with my husband.  I do not want to waste it being wiped out by too strenuous  a run.


Still, as I ran I remembered Wine Tasting Day last month.  I ended up running the same length of time as my then longest run, and I felt terrific all day.  So I did not rule out a longish run.  But hills were out of the question (I didn’t run any hills Wine Tasting Day either).


My legs were not happy with me.  They have felt macaroni-ish all week long, not for any good reason most of the time.  I tried to ignore them and hoped they would get used to it.  They would stop complaining for a while then start up again, pretty much all through the run.  Well, I can’t worry about my body’s petty complaints. I have a Boilermaker to train for.


I crossed German Street, thankful for the early morning lack of traffic, and headed for Main.  I thought I would run down the nice path over what used to be a hydraulic canal.  It is a pleasant little path, especially now that the trees are getting leaves.


I observed many trees in various stages of growing leaves.  I especially like the ones with flowers.  When I was younger I had the idea that I would get married in an apple orchard at the exact moment when they were in full bloom.  I suppose the timing would have been tricky, but I was a romantic adolescent.  By the time I actually got engaged (which by itself came as a surprise to many), I wanted a fall wedding.  And an indoor wedding, because you can’t count on the weather.  However, I don’t rule out renewing my vows one year in an orchard of dead trees (now that I am a macabre middle-aged lady).


I ended up running 40 minutes, the same length as my last run.  It was actually a little over 40.  I had stopped once to pet a nice dog of my acquaintance, so I ran for a little longer than 40 and called it 40.  I don’t care if stopping is bad for training purposes.  I like to pet a nice dog.


I feel pretty good about my run, and pretty good that I have a whole day of adventure still ahead of me.  Hope you all have a lovely Saturday.



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  1. Dog petting is not only acceptable, isn’t it required, Cynthia? I also think it may be written into certain salsa dances.


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