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My Train of Thought Jumped the Tracks

Over a week ago I asked myself how I could de-funkify (I suppose that’s not a word, but I like it).  It seems I have not yet found the answer, as I sit here on Non-Sequitur Thursday with not a post in sight nor many thoughts in my head.  Another question I have asked before:  What’s a blogger to do?


I did not go running (what a surprise).  I took a short walk with my schnoodle Tabby, but nothing blogworthy.  I had thought to fix something interesting for supper and do a cooking post, but felt in too much of a funk to do so.  I finally forced myself to make a tossed salad.  The therapeutic benefits of chopping vegetables are not to be denied.  Unfortunately, today they only lasted as long as the vegetables did.


I managed to maintain enough oomph to make some Italian salad dressing (the kind in the envelope where you add oil and vinegar).  Then I made another envelope’s worth and put some stew beef in it to marinade for crock pot purposes tomorrow.  So apparently my funk is not completely incapacitating.


Finish That Novel May is progressing.  Not progressing nicely, but I am putting words on paper.  I’ve written a few more scenes.  Actually, they kind of flow one into the other, so it’s more like one long scene.  I was just getting to the exciting part when my break ended.  I hurriedly wrote two more sentences then went back to work.  My boss was near my work area but did not say anything to me.  It’s kind of too bad, because I was all set to say, “I was just getting to the poison!”


Oh dear, have I given away a major plot point?  I always say too much!   Oh, OK, not really.  I’m just being dramatic again.  In fact, I think I have said enough for this to count as a blog post.  Perhaps my funk will clear of its own accord in time for Lame Post Friday.



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  1. Perhaps, Cynthia, you have not poisoned the well of recovery!

  2. Ten years ago, my defunkifying advice would have been to drive down 5s to the Fort Plain Bakeshop and get yourself some of their glorious Half Moon cookies. That drive and those cookies were sure funk killers. But I don’t think the FP Bakeshop is open anymore. But you still have a beautiful valley and it is May, so there must be something.


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