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Back on Track?

Note to self:  Do NOT take three days in a row off from running.  In my defense, each day it seemed to be the right decision.  Then again, one can almost always find a reason.   More important is to come up with a reason TO run.  Today my reason was:  I’ve already told many people I am going to run the Boilermaker 15K.  I cannot gracefully excuse myself.


It was a warm and sunny day (still is as I type this, although I have showered and eaten since the run).  I prefer to run in cooler weather, but it is unlikely to be 50 degrees in July (on Boilermaker Sunday), so I knew it would be a good idea to begin to get acclimated.  I used my usual trick of telling myself I did not have to run very far or up any hills.  Just a short, easy run would be OK.


Of course I wanted to go for a longish run.  For one reason, I knew my wonderful husband, Steven, was fixing hot dogs with toasted buns for dinner.  Yum!  But not exactly diet food.  A good run would help keep me on the weight-loss track.


I headed towards Herkimer College (formerly Herkimer County Community College or HCCC).  I would not run up the front way — the steeper run — but perhaps the back way,  longer but a more gradual slope.  The back way had the added advantage of being woodsy.  There might be more shade.  If  I really didn’t feel could make it, perhaps I could continue on German Street and go up the hill by Valley Health.


Oh, it was not fun to run.  This was my comeuppance for taking three days off.  I knew I must continue.  I would go up to HCCC the back way (oh, it’s just quicker to type than Herkimer College).  It seemed to take a long time, but I encouraged myself.  Just get to the curve.  Now the next curve.  More than halfway there.  Almost there.  Oh dear.


I ran down the front way.  It is a little steep for downhill, but I leaned back and took it slow.  The advantage of going this way was that I would go by the spring and could stop for a quick drink.  This was the first day it’s been warm enough that I didn’t mind sticking my hands in the cold water.  It was a fast stop.  I kept going.


As I ran, I waited for it to get easier.  It did not.  That was OK.  I told myself I was building up my ability to keep going when it really sucks.  Still, maybe I would catch a second wind if I kept going.  I did not, and I think I kept going long enough to give it a fair shot.  I ran as long as my longest run so far, 40 minutes.


My cool-down walk around the block with my schnoodle, Tabby, was better.  Sitting down when I got back home was better yet.  I did my stretches from a sitting position.  I had to stand up to take my shower, but that was worth it.  Oh how nice my husband was to fix dinner!


So new rule for me: no more three days off.  I hope I can stick to it.  I have just over two months to the Boilermaker.  It is a little too soon for this blog to become All Boilermaker All The Time, but if I run again tomorrow, I just might write about it.



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  1. You Got This! Push when the Pushing gets though!

  2. You can boil us about the big K. We only have to read about it, Cynthia, you have to make it.

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