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Walking Away from Bad Attituesday

Two times of year I stare at the trees intensely, because the beautiful color lasts such a short time.  Fall, of course, and early spring.  In between bud and full leaf, the trees are such a delicate, beautiful light green.  I love it.  It lasts a shorter time than the fall colors, so I have to look fast.  Luckily, I did not trip over my dog on the walk we just took, as my eyes were almost constantly looking up.


I guess this is going to be a Pedestrian Post.  I suppose I could call it the Tuesday Trudge or, another standby, Tired Tuesday.  Earlier today I thought it must be my new one, Bad Attituesday.  But the walk put me in a pretty good mood.  Spring was a long time in coming to the Mohawk Valley, but (don’t say it too loud) I think it is finally here.


I know, I know, I should have gone running.  Boilermaker, weight loss, and I could have seen all the trees running as well as walking (really just as well; I don’t run very fast).  In my defense, my feet hurt.  I need to get some of them there gel insoles for my work shoes.  Anyways, it is very pleasant to walk with your loved ones (in my case, husband and dog) in warm air,  seeing daffodils, tulips and hyacinths (I didn’t look up the whole time).


We walked by Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners.  I remembered that Museum Day is in May.  The 1834 Jail will be opened one Saturday, I hope.  I must find out when and go there.  I have a few friends that would like to go, too (Preview of Coming Attractions).    Going down Main Street, we turned into the park near Basloe Library.  Ah, the library.  Must make a trip there soon.


We walked on down Prospect Street then over to Meyers Park.  There we saw an adorable shaggy little white dog.  She barked at us indignantly.


“She told you,” I said to Steven.  The dog’s person told us she was still young and had not been outside many times.  We didn’t mind.  It was a very cute dog.


It was a very enjoyable walk.  I’ll try for a run tomorrow.


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