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On Timing and Topping

I keep noticing that WordPress is 12 hours ahead of me.   I log on and hit My Site, then my statistics show up and it seems that I have had no activity yet that day.  This is usually about four in the afternoon, when I get home from work.  First I think nobody likes me, then I notice that it is already tomorrow and say, “Huh.”


Leaving my problems of low self-esteem aside (I know some people like me, don’t tell me nobody does or you will hurt my delicate feelings), let us consider the time warp.  While I am in the midst of my Wrist to Forehead Sunday, other bloggers are on to Monday, which may or may not be a Funday (or a Runday or a Punday, etc.)  (I can keep that up all day).


People who hate Monday (and there are many of them), probably scorn these whining Sunday posts (oh how I HATE to admit I am whining!).  “You think YOU have problems,” they sneer.  “I’m at work!  At the beginning of the week!”


If there is one thing I hate worse than admitting I am whining, it is a topper.  You know the sort.  If you have a headache, they have a migraine.  If you are broke, they are bankrupt, homeless and the sole support of their aged, ailing mother.  Conversely, if you just got a new car, they have traded in their Corvette for a Lambourgini (is that how you spell it? My computer doesn’t seem to think so).


Hey, I just realized something.  If my readers are toppers, I can’t win no matter what.   Even if I peel my wrist off my forehead and get positive, they will have something better going on.  In fact, I bet they write better blog posts than me.  What are they even reading my silliness for?  Possibly for the feelings of superiority.  If that is the case, you’re welcome.


As for the rest of you, thank you for reading.  Happy Sunday, even if for you it is already Monday.



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  1. You cannot be topped, Cynthia. Maybe leveled off. But not topped. I have noticed the curious time stamps on your posts, by the way, and thought that you did this on purpose. I think you can click into your dashboard into the clock setting and fix it.


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