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You know that means Thank God It’s Lame Post Friday, right?  Otherwise, all my work has been for naught (said with my wrist on my forehead).  Not really, of course.  I just felt like being dramatic.


It is not just Lame Post Friday, though.  It is the first day of Finish That Novel May.  I am putting it out there in order to put myself on the spot.    I have declared to the world that I am going to finish my novel.  I have 31 days to make good on that boast.




I did write a few notes on the novel, and I wrote a letter to my sister in which I talked about my plans for tackling the project.  Now I must get on to the real work.  However, right now it is Lame Post Friday, my day for random observations and half-baked philosophy.


I did observe a nice-looking dog outside a house when I looked out the window at work today (of course, I like to think all dogs are nice).  He was a biggish brown mutt, lying comfortably on a front walk, just chilling.  Yesterday on my way home I observed a springer spaniel puppy, jumping happily on the fence to greet a passerby.  At least, I think it was a spaniel.  You know I don’t know from breeds.


My own dog continues to improve from last week’s malady.  We keep giving her the medicine prescribed.


I must plan some Mohawk Valley adventures for tomorrow.  For this reason, I shall skip the half-baked philosophy portion of Lame Post Friday, hit publish and carry on with my Friday.  Hope you’re all having a lovely beginning of the weekend.



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  1. I am so excited that the novel is going to be finished this month, Cynthia!


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