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Give Me Lame! Or Give Me Debt!

Well I didn’t want to say “death.”  That seemed too dark for Mohawk Valley Girl.  And “give me debt” is appropriate, because I would owe you a blog post if I did not make one today.


You may have realized I did not write anything while at work today.  No blog post, at any rate.  I thought it would be OK, since I knew I would walk Tabby, my delightful schnoodle, after work. If nothing else, a Pedestrian Post is always acceptable (to me, anyways).


WELL, when I got home from work this afternoon, my poor dog was not her usual happy, jumpy self.  No joyous barks preceded my unlocking the door. No furry white body jumped on me as I opened it.


“Where’s my dog?” I asked, a question that usually brings her running.  Then I saw her, moving hesitantly from her usual end of the couch to my usual end of the couch.  Poor honey!


We had some excellent plans for the evening but feel we should stay home with our ailing canine.  Of course I must still make a blog post, and one would think I could still come up with something mildly amusing at least.  Unfortunately, not so much.  I think my headline is the only marginally good thing I’ve come up with so far.


Never mind.  It is a My Doggy Is Sick Day.  Real employers do not recognize such days (many of them barely recognize your own sick days, the bastards).  However, this is my own silly blog.  I’m going back to petting my dog gently and just being with her.  I hope you are all having a lovely Friday.



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  1. Oh, no! I certainly recognize Doggie Sick Days, Cynthia. Get well, Tabby. Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle sends her love. ❤ Me, too.


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