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For Tabby on Tired Tuesday

Sorry, kids, it’s Tired Tuesday. I did work on a blog post today, about Saturday’s adventures, but it needs more work and I have completely petered out. In my defense, I did laundry. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like much of a defense. So don’t forgive me. In the meantime, I offer a Pedestrian Post with thanks to my beloved schnoodle, Tabby.

I neither walked nor ran yesterday, and my legs definitely felt the lack. And my conscience felt the guilt from not walking my dog (although she got a nice long walk with both her peeps Sunday, in addition to walking my cool-down with me after my run). Therefore, after I got the laundry in the house and the non-drier items hanging in various places, I got Tabby into her harness and we were on our way.

It was still nicely warm out, somewhere in the 60s I believe. Many people were out and about. A couple of neighborhood kids said hi to us, and one unknown college-looking kid said hi to Tabby. Tabby led me down Bellinger Street to Meyers Park.

I still haven’t gotten over my delight at all the snow being gone, so I felt contented to be outside in addition to my legs’ enjoyment of the exercise. We saw two young boys playing baseball in the park. At least, one had a glove and ball, the other had a bat. I suppose it was just batting practice, or else they had vivid imaginations (nothing wrong with that!).

After the park we headed towards Main Street and the downtown area. I looked longingly at Basloe Library as we went by. They are having a book sale. I could use a couple of paperbacks for this weekend, but I do not foresee an opportunity to go there. Of course, I have three or four paperbacks I purchased at Basloe a month or two ago which I have not read yet, but still.

Up to the Historic Four Corners. I must take another walk by the 1834 Jail after dark some night and see if I spot any ghosts. I rather doubt I will; I’m not at all sensitive to that sort of phenomena, but as the great Fats Waller said, one never knows, do one?

A very sweet toddler wanted to pet Tabby. His father told him to ask first then asked me himself when the toddler was too shy. I said sure, Tabby’s a good dog. A lady with a beautiful baby in a stroller joined us as Tabby was being petted. Tabby was immediately interested in the baby.

“She likes baby feet,” I said. We parted friends.

I enjoyed our walk, and I think Tabby did too. I even enjoyed writing about it. Happy Tuesday, everyone.


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