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Lame at the End of the Tunnel

I had hoped not to have Lame Post Friday, after my week of illness and recovery. I was feeling much better earlier today. My stomach felt NOT sick. I did NOT have a headache. Oh, life was wonderful.

Of course it did NOT last. I didn’t even make it till lunch before I started to peter out. “I ran out of oopmh before I ran out of day,” I told a co-worker. Of course, that phenomenon often happens to the working stiff, convalescent or not. One perseveres and tries to get the work done regardless. I even did some writing during my lunch break, but it was not for the blog and it was definitely not finished. Still, it felt good to write.

Um, not that I have NOT been writing. I’ve been working on a letter to a friend. I’m often writing a letter to a friend or relative. At least it is putting words on paper. Still, it doesn’t help when I have to hit Publish on something or finally go a day without making a post (NEVER! NEVER! At least, NOT TODAY!). I have been fired with ambition to write lately but, alas, the ambition has not been accompanied by inspiration or even any ideas. So I write rambling letters or type in lame blog posts.

However, I say it again, one perseveres. At least I felt good for the morning. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better for a longer period of time. Soon, dare I hope?, I will feel better for a whole day. At least I shall try to get my blog post written before I start feeling crappy again. As always, thank you for playing.


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  1. I’ve been sick and at work all this week. And it was my birthday yesterday. So I pulled a Lame Post Friday today too.

  2. You’re a little better, and Ben’s a little bitter. Happy weekend, I hope, Cynthia. It’s supposed to be a whole lot nicer. Are you going to do the Utica audition of ‘Cuckoo’ with Steven and friends, I wonder? I got really behind reading when I was in D.C. for MDW Karen and I’s getaway Easter weekend and I’m trrrrrrrying to catch up.


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