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At Least the Tea Will Taste Good

Looking back, I see that last Sunday I did a Running Commentary and two Sundays ago I had a Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Today (Sunday, but I think you knew that) I had meant to have a Running Commentary but feel more inclined for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Perhaps a combination of the two.

Sorry to be tiresome about my health tribulations, but I have been plagued with headaches this week. It has been kind of an interesting plague, though. I seem to get a bad headache every other day. So at least there is some relief. I know, not for you from listening to my complaints. Well I don’t get much relief from my inner critic. We all have problems.

I was determined to run in spite of my headache. For one reason, the weather was supposed to be warmer. I spent part of yesterday staring out the window at the bare roads and sidewalks and WANTING to run or walk on them. But I was afraid the cold wind would bring on sinus pain. I ran in place on the mini-tramp. I watched more of that silent horror movie I had watched earlier in the week (perhaps you read my blog post about it).

When we first got up our thermostat said 18 degrees. Not the temperature I like to run in. I waited till after eleven. It was almost to 30. Only a few degrees below freezing. I could do this!

And I did. Unfortunately, I am not up to writing about it. I’m just not. I’ve taken a decongestant and will try the effect of another cup of hot tea. And try for a better blog post tomorrow.


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