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Pokey Pedestrian Post

It is not really Friday for me, because I work tomorrow, so I don’t feel right offering one of my traditional Friday Lame Posts. However, I am feeling, well, lame. Therefore, I offer a Pedestrian Post, having taken a nice stroll with my very nice pooch, Tabby.

I had been going to run. I’m registered for the Boilermaker, you know (more about that in future posts). As I drove home it began snowing again. It had been snowing and raining earlier. I thought I would run in place on the mini-tramp in front of the television. For one reason, I’m partway through a silent horror movie and haven’t gotten to the monster yet.

Then I got home and my dog was so happy to see me, so excited to do something, so obviously wanting to go for a walk. What could I do? I know, walk the dog then run on the mini-tramp. Sorry, I only have so much oomph.

It had stopped snowing again by the time we set out. Tabby eagerly pulled me down the sidewalk toward Meyers Park. The sidewalks were mostly bare and dry by now. We had to skirt a few puddles, walking on mud or snow to do so. Nothing too detrimental to my sneakers. Then again, who cares? It’s an old pair (must get a new pair for the Boilermaker).

Tabby nicely did her business before we got to the park, so I could throw her poo away in the park’s trash can. I’m not fond of carrying smelly dog poo around. However, I do pick up her poo and I would just like to say I am completely disgusted by the amount of dog poo that is left lying around on the sidewalks and lawns of this village. Come on, people!

As we walked, I reflected that I could have run outdoors. Still, I was glad I was spending quality time with my dog. We’ve missed taking a walk twice this week: once because of my headache, once due to pouring rain. Tabby doesn’t like to walk in the rain.

After walking through the park we walked towards Main Street then down around Albany Street, up Prospect and back home. The wind picked up some, which wasn’t pleasant for my sinuses. Tabby did not seem to mind. She trotted along happily, stopping many times to sniff.

It is the grey skies, dirty snow time of spring. I haven’t seen a crocus or daffodil poking up. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time, though. For now, Tabby and I were happy with our walk. I hope we take another one tomorrow.


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