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Also, I’m Lightheaded

Yesterday when I shared my blog post on Facebook (as I always do), I made the comment that I proved I could make a blog post even when I had a terrible headache/upset stomach thing going on (NOT due to the subject of the post, I made clear). I did feel dreadfully ill. I felt proud of myself for not taking a blogger’s sick day. I felt better today.

Till after work, when I felt ridiculously tired and brain dead. OK, I felt brain dead most of the day at work, too. I tried to work on blog or novel during lunch but could not. I returned to a letter I had started to a friend and found I could not make much progress on that either. What gives, I asked myself. Headache aftermath?

All this by way of introduction to this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday. I feel it is a non sequitur that yesterday I was ill but today I am taking a sick day. Is it easier to overcome illness or inertia? Hey, how did you like that sentence? Every word but “to” began with a vowel, and some people wouldn’t even count “to.”
And now I just ended a sentence with a preposition. That is one thing you are not supposed to end a sentence with.

And now I’m being silly. What a surprise. Sorry, sports fans, my head’s just not up to it. I’m going to slap on a non sequitur-ish headline and call it a night. Happy Thursday, everyone.

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  1. I say end sentences with as many prepositions as you want to. Hope you feel level headed and better tomorrow!


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