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Still No Endorphins

After my adventure-filled weekend, I thought sure I wouldn’t have a Tired Tuesday post. After all, I had written a post and parts of two more yesterday. Then as I wrote more on my posts before work, I got all bogged down. That was OK, though, I thought, because I was determined to go running after work. I could do a Running Commentary. As I ran, I felt I had all the more reason to be tired. However, I’ll see what I can come up with.

I ran 29 minutes on my last run, which increased my time by the recommended 10 percent. I merely had to maintain that, not improve it till this weekend at soonest. It was not far into my run that I was telling myself I did not even need to do the full 29 minutes. After all, I intend to run at least two more times before the weekend. I could make this one shorter.

My original plan had been to run up the hill by Valley Health and then into what I think of as the Suburbs. I guess they aren’t really suburbs. I don’t think Herkimer is big enough to rate actual suburbs. It is a residential area of (relatively) newer houses with no sidewalks. There is generally less traffic than in the village itself. Since the sidewalks are booby-trapped with large puddles and patches of ice, I thought running on quiet streets would be nice.

As I ran down German Street, I did not feel good. I was tired, my legs didn’t want to move, even breathing wasn’t fun. Would I even make it up the hill by Valley Health? As I approached Brookfield Park, I considered running up into it. It was uphill but not as steep as by Valley Health. It could be a shorter run. I looked up the slope and ran by. I just couldn’t do it. Maybe by the time I got to Valley Health my body would be warmed into the run and I could do the hill.

Oh, I was not enjoying this. There was the hill to H-Triple-C (that’s Herkimer County Community College, although I think they have changed their name). Would I ever be up to running that hill again? I thought I would be but it sure did not seem possible today. I saw some broken car parts on the road. Yikes, did somebody have an accident? In a parking area a few feet up I saw two vehicles parked and two people on cell phones. Ah, so the accident just happened. Bummer.

I went up the hill by Valley Health. Two people were walking down it. Did I ever envy them! I lacked the breath to tell them so. I did the trick of looking at my feet and shuffling up that hill. When did I get that big splotch of mud on that sneaker? How long was this hill anyways? At last I made it. I didn’t even feel good about having done it.

I wondered if I would reach the I Can Rock This stage on this run or, indeed, ever again. Then I heard a huge vehicle behind me. I was on the left side facing traffic, as runners and pedestrians are supposed to be. Still, the road wasn’t very wide. I got over as far as I could. It was a Yard Waste truck, and he didn’t seem too concerned about getting over. It stopped in the middle of the street. I turned down a side street to avoid it.

The area is laid out, as many residential areas are, NOT in a squared-off, grid kind of pattern. More like a plate of spaghetti. Curvy and weird. I’ve run in the area many times, but I still get lost. I wasn’t too worried about it. Sooner or later I always come out somewhere familiar. I turned down one street. I saw the Yard Waste truck parallel to me. I turned left at the next opportunity.

I know there are come cul-de-sacs and streets that loop around, often involving large hills. Did I want to go around a large loop with a steep hill? I did not. I began to look around, trying to orient myself. Herkimer was that way, the highway was that way, the college was… I would go to the end of this street and find out.

Then I heard the loud motor of the Yard Waste truck, which I was beginning to think of as my enemy. I picked another street. How long had I been running anyways? I had checked my watch a couple of times early on but I hadn’t in the last few streets. Ooh, I was going to make it for 29 minutes. I wasn’t even feeling too bad. Could I rock this? Maybe I wasn’t feeling it, but I was, in fact, rocking it.

At last I figured out where I was. The Yard Waste truck passed me one more time. I got back to Valley Health, back down the hill, and back on to German Street. The cars that had been involved in the accident were still there, this time with cops nearby. I ran on. I seemed to think there was a brief period in the middle of my run when I hadn’t felt too bad, but that time was past. Now I could only persevere.

Persevere I did. I made it home. I had lasted 29 minutes. Oh, it felt good to walk my cool-down with Tabby and even better to stop walking and go in the house. I was almost too tired to stretch, but somehow managed it. My shower felt nice. Food tasted like heaven. If only I wasn’t too tired to write a blog post.

Lo and behold, I was not. Was it a good blog post? I’m not the best judge of that. But I got another run under my belt. Maybe on the next one I will reach that coveted I Can Rock This stage. And maybe, just maybe one day I will experience those endorphins.

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  1. Well done for persevering with it! And it’s always a good blog post when you write about your running. 😉


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