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Got One Thing Done!

It’s another Scattered Saturday post, as I reach the end of the day and must publish SOMETHING before my husband gets home from work and we begin an enjoyable evening together. Once again I had myriad plans to do this that and the other thing, and blog topics ranging from the marvelous to the perfectly acceptable… and here I am, kind of wishing I had made another pot of coffee instead of just heating up the 3/4 cup that was still in the pot.

Where was I? Ah yes, nowhere in particular. When we last left our heroine (that’s me), she was on her way to what promised to be a very fun evening of friends and theatre (OK, enough with the third person, it’s awkward). It was a fun evening, which ended way later than my normal bed time. As a result, I woke with a headache and got a slow start to my morning.

I managed to write a few post cards and finish two letters. Tabby, my dear schnoodle, and I walked to the post office. Oh, what a nice walk. Still chilly out, but we survived. Then I headed into Rome, getting a later start than I had envisioned.

My destination was my parents’ house, where I intended to attempt to register for the Boilermaker on their computer (a more reliable machine than my desktop). The original plan had been to have a couple of Mohawk Valley adventures along the way, but registering was the only one I had. Yet what a satisfying experience it was!

The Boilermaker, for the initiated, is Utica, NY’s 15K road race. Oh, it is an experience and then some. This will be the fourth time I have run it. Come to think of it, I need to write a whole blog post just about me registering.

In the meantime, Steven is home and I must get on with my Saturday night. I hope you’re all having an enjoyable weekend.

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  1. The Boilermaker! Way to go, Cynthia. You should do a whole post about registering. I hear a lot of people get shut out of that.

    • I will probably do such a post, and it will link back to the post I did a couple years ago about what a pain it was to register then! Naturally I will do many posts about my training runs, my nervousness, and the run itself. Must go running tomorrow…

      • Time to train to cut down on your nervousness, right?

      • My nervousness does not stem from the running itself (although, yes, I do need to train quite a bit) but from the sheer size of the event. Where to park? How to get home afterward? Will I get to use the portapotty before the race begins? Good God, LOOK at all those runners!

      • My daughter Elisabeth and her boyfriend George run in the 3K (5K? shorter, whichever it is) version of the Boilermaker, and my dear wife Karen and I have been thinking about going to watch and lend support. Now, the way you describe it … Anyway, are there other runners who live near you who can pick you up on race day to car pool, remove that worry, Cynthia?

      • Oh, I’ll figure something out, never fear. I might be running with some boys from work. They said I could be their wing woman when they pick up chicks at the after-party.

      • Now that would be … a great blog story down the line, Cynthia.

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