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Ready to Cheer for The Psychic

A post on the run for this week’s Lame Post Friday. Steven and I are about to leave for a real theatre party. Regular readers will recall that I recently appeared in Busybody at Ilion Little Theatre, along with a stellar cast aided by an awesome director, sound/light guy and prompter. Well, life goes on at Ilion Little Theatre, and tonight is opening night of The Psychic.

The Psychic features one of the cast members of Busybody. At the Busybody cast party, we all declared that we would attend The Psychic en masse, to cheer on our friend. I wondered if it would be one of those things which we all said, “Yeah, let’s do that!” but it didn’t work out. It seems it is working out.

Not entirely, of course. Not everyone can make it. Some of us are meeting before the play for dinner, some of us are going out after for drinks and snacks, some of us may do both. I don’t think anybody told Andy (the cast member we are particularly going to cheer on) that we will be there.

And I should just mention, we are going to support the ENTIRE theatre group. We will clap for the whole cast. Just wanted to be clear on that.

Anyways, I’m too busy and flustered to write a real post now, and I will be too tired later. But I hope to write a killer post about the play. Stay tuned!


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