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Too Tired to Title

Sorry, folks, it’s Tired Tuesday. I really don’t know what my problem is. I haven’t taken a decongestant since Sunday. I haven’t had a drink since Saturday. I went to bed at a respectable hour for the past two nights. Yet, I spent half the day wanting nothing better to stare into space, doing and thinking about absolutely nothing.

Oh, I did my work. You don’t need to call my supervisor and tell him to keep an eye on me. I even did some writing before work and on breaks. I worked on a letter to a friend AND I began writing another play about bananas. Perhaps you remember that I promised a fellow cast-member of Busybody (the play I was in at Ilion Little Theatre recently) that I would write him a play in which bananas are featured prominently. I began one but found I had gotten a little too fancy (I may have mentioned that in another blog post). I began writing a new, not so complicated play. We’ll see how it goes.

I came home and took Tabby for a walk, thinking a Pedestrian Post might be OK. Tabby turned around and led me back home after a block and a half. I was OK with that; the wind was much meaner than I had realized. I took some trouble cooking supper, so a cooking post was also a possibility. Now I feel so tired, I can’t quite remember what I cooked. Something with garlic and onions. Wait a minute, most of what I cook includes garlic and onions. My cooking posts are probably not all that great.

So I thought I would just sit here and type in words till I got over 200. We’ll try for something better tomorrow.

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  1. You’re going bananas, Cynthia, slowly.


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