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Oh, the Pain

On the brighter side, it’s been a while since my day off was ruined by a bad headache. On the dimmer side (calling it “the darker side” seems just too Oh-Get-Over-Yourself), I have been having a lot of Bear With Me posts (that’s my new expression for them, do you like it?). However, sometimes there is nothing to be done but to post what I can post and drive on.

I thought I would have a lovely Pedestrian Post when I walked Tabby to the post office this morning to mail my usual post cards (I do love writing post cards). I already had the headache by then, but I thought the fresh air and exercise would help. Unfortunately I reckoned without the effects of the sun on all the snow. You see, it was quite cloudy, so I did not put on my sunglasses. However with the mounds and mounds of white stuff reflecting back what light there was, I was soon in pain. Light sensitivity is a major headache symptom for me (YES, I’m whining about my headache! If you don’t like it, kindly move on to a different blog!).

Returning from the walk I ate a snack and took an over the counter migraine medicine. It did not seem to have much effect and after a while I retreated back to bed. Oh it felt good to lie down and close my eyes. I even slept a little. And woke up still having a headache. I got dressed again and tried the effects of a cup of tea. Tasty, at least.

When Steven came home for lunch we took turns complaining, he about work, me about my headache. That’s what makes a good marriage. Later on we’ll find some things to laugh about together. You know my motto: You can laugh or you can cry; you might as well laugh.

After Steven went back to work I headed to the drug store for a decongestant. The pain seemed to be settling in my sinuses and the stuff you have to go to the pharmacy country sometimes helps. On my way I stopped at T&J’s Fruits and Vegetables, where I found some eggplant, peppers and mushrooms I hope to do something yummy with later.

I am now waiting for the drug to kick in and thought I had better make my blog post before I get the lightheadedness that often occurs (why in the world is my computer underlining “lightheadedness”? Isn’t that a word? It is exactly what I mean). I do apologize for this whiny post. On the other hand, it may give some people that little frisson of superiority, “At least I don’t complain so much!” or “You think YOU’ve got headaches!”

As for me, I intend to drive on. Hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


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