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Warm Enough Not To Wuss

What a wonderful thing is perspective. For example, size 10 looks a whole lot different when you pass it on the way down than it did when you passed it on the way up (and if you have never been in double digit sizes ever, just shut up, that’s all). Similarly, 20 degrees feels a lot better when you pass it on the way up than it did when you were on the way down.

That is how I felt when I left work today and realized I could take a deep breath of the ambient air with no discomfort. I even took off my gloves between my vehicle and the drugstore when I made a stop on the way home. This was awesome!

I had spent a good part of the day pondering my lack of a blog post topic. I did not want to have another Wuss-Out Wednesday nor yet take a Blogger’s Sick Day. The latter seemed a genuine possibility, as the cold temperatures in my place of employment wreaked havoc on my sinuses. I moaned and groaned to myself. I could not complain much out loud because the post-nasal drip was giving me a dreadful sore throat.

Normally, I thought, feeling not a little ill-used, when I have no blog post topic I go for a run or take my dog for a walk and write about that. I could not take my dog for a walk in single digit temperatures. I tried it last Saturday in the teens and it was not a good idea. Her poor little doggy feet were quite uncomfortable. Imagine my amazement when I stepped out of work and it felt WARM! I realized this was only comparatively speaking, but I’LL TAKE IT!

As I walked into and then back out of the drug store, I lamented my fate. This lovely, lovely temperature and I was sure I felt too awful to take my good little dog for a walk. But I knew I could not waste the opportunity. Thursday and Friday are supposed to be frigid. My dog likes to go for a walk. How could I be so selfish as not to take her? For another reason, I needed a blog post.

The irony is not lost on me that I have now spent over 300 words writing about what I am going to write about. I feel this is at least a step forward from writing about not writing. Perhaps I can actually write about the walk tomorrow. Happy Wednesday, everyone.


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